Principle-based teaching materials allow truth to be revealed!

Biblically-based principles are universal. Healing a nation through prayer can be done anywhere in the world where the people are ready to repent and turn to Yahweh.

Declaration of Dependence -- How to Heal Our Nation Through Prayer. This radical prayer directive guide has been written for the for 40 Days Over DC initiative October 3, 2011 through 11-11-11 in the District of Christ followed by 11 days in Philadelphia, ending on 11-22-11. This is a clear and precise Biblical approach to prayer to repent for the sins of our Nation and petition Yahweh to heal our land.


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Bible Type

Fun Math Kit

CenTruth offers Biblically-based educational materials.

Let Us Reason -- Biblical thinking & reasoning CD set. The Bible is a book about law, government, history, economics and education. You can learn how to think and reason from principle by breaking ideas down to their most-basic premise.

Bible Type -- Biblically-based brain-compatible typing instruction method for Christian schools and homeschoolers


Fun Math Kit -- Fun Math Manipulatives give the brain a picture to make math easy and fun


How to Read a Book -- CD set on how to comprehend and retain what you read






We can heal our

Nation through prayer



This DECLARATION OF DEPENDENCE is... A RADICAL solution to these radical times; the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony in BOLD ACTION.


GOVERNMENTAL not political.

UNCOMFORTABLE. Where has comfort gotten us?

POLITICALLY INCORRECT. We have been pursuing things that don’t matter, won’t last and could cost us EVERYTHING.

The Bible is the first book of law, government, history, economics and education. We need THE GOSPEL; the HEALING of the brokenhearted, the proclamation of LIBERTY to the captives, recovery of sight to the blind, and the bound set FREE. We need You.

In a day of EXTREME sports, extreme weather outbreaks, extreme division, extreme financial crisis, extreme world upheaval, isn’t it time for EXTREME PRAYER? As you’re praying, you’ll be shining light, showing love, speaking truth and enthroning glory. Be strengthened as you pray, knowing God hears you and that you’re making THE DIFFERENCE.

This is NOT about keeping the status quo. It’s NOT about saving the economy, electing a new leader or having a religious experience. It’s NOT Sunday morning churchianity, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about being transformed into the image of the Son.

It’s about returning to YAHWEH. The prodigals are coming home.

Will you declare your dependence?


You can order the book Declaration of Dependence: How to Heal Our Nation Through Prayer -- the Prayer Directives for 40 Days Over DC written by Dr. Marlene McMillan.

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Biblical Thinking and Reasoning

Let Us Reason

New Audio Course on CD!


God is not distant, nor does He wish to micromanage your life. He wants to reason with you so that your reasoning will be of Him.

In this 6 CD audio course, Dr. Marlene McMillan teaches what it means to think from a biblical understanding. New and old believers alike will learn something applicable!


Get it today for $67.77

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Maximize Your Reading Comprehension

How to Read a Book

New Audio Course on CD!


An author is often condensing a lifetime of learning and experience into a book that you can purchase for less than you would earn in one single day of work. What you do before you open a book to chapter 1 and begin reading can have a tremendous impact on what you will comprehend and retain when you have finished the book.

Great leaders are great readers who have high comprehension and recall. Dr. Marlene reads an average of a book a day. She wants to help you learn how to enjoy and get more out of what you read.


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Get Both at a Special Price

Let Us Reason and

How to Read a Book


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The ONLY typing course that teaches brain compatible typing using the Bible!

The typing instruction method that prevents left/right confusion!

Bible Type is the computer typing curriculum with proven superiority to prepare you for and maximum accuracy and efficiency throughout a lifetime of typing.

Color-coded keyboard on each chart helps students keep their eyes on the typing chart in the book on the page they are typing from instead of their fingers or the screen.


Bible Type

Bible Based Your child will learn to type using Biblical principles, Scriptures, and Christian history. Your child can begin as soon as they can read.
Unique Method Bible Type's unique teaching method avoids the left/right confusion your child may experience from mirror image instruction methods in other programs. Great for all learning styles and abilities -- whether your child has superior reading skills or dyslexia -- whether your child is bright or challenged -- Bible Type has proven superiority.
Color-coded Bible Type's color-coded keyboard on each chart helps your child easily see the correct fingering of each new key.
Self-paced Your child will never feel rushed or bored. Bible Type allows your child to learn at their own individual pace.
Proven Effectiveness Bible Type's unique teaching methods have been proven to work by thousands of students in first grade through high school; in Christian schools and homeschooling!


Still $29.77!

"I bought two different typing programs for my children to use. Both were quickly put aside. Finally, I have found the best typing curriculum. This Bible-based typing curriculum is great! The color-coded keyboard on the charts has made it easier for my children to learn typing. The best part is that they are typing God's word as they are learning a necessary skill."
Susan Liva
Lexington, SC

"This typing book has taught me how to type without looking at the screen or the keyboard. When I needed to copy a quote from a book, I did not have to continuously look back and forth between the book and the screen."
Jenica C.
Watauga, TX

Still $29.77!





Fun Math Kit. Hands-on Math. Soft foam manipulatives make Math visual.



This is the math manipulative kit that contains math blocks that are

black on the back for substraction and negative numbers!


Fun Math Kit

Whether your child struggles with math or you simply want to give them the advantage of being able to learn math more quickly, more easily, and at an earlier age, the manipulatives in your Fun Math Kit can enhance the use of every math text book and curriculum.





Fun Math Manipulatives are black on the back

for subtraction and negative numbers.

Your Fun Math Kit provides your child with a mental picture of each quantity. Students can actually see the clearly the logical process involved in performing calculations. All of these lightweight, space-saving, quiet foam blocks are black on the back to provide a better visual for subtraction and negative numbers.


Fun Math Manipulative Kit has matching fraction pies.



Fun Math multiplication

Using Fun Math manipulatives with the special multiplication cards allows students to visually grasp multiplication tables for rapid mental recall in a way that cannot be accomplished with mere flash cards or repitition alone.



Negative Numbers Are Easy with Fun Math

An eighth grade teacher who had spent two weeks teaching her students subtraction of negative numbers became discouraged when her students were still struggling to grasp the concept. The following school year she had the opportunity to use Fun Math with black on the back of each manipulative to make it easy to see what is negative. She was excited that her students had a firm grasp of the concept after only two days as a result of using the Fun Math manipulatives.


A kindergartner who had struggled with math for an entire school year said:, "This is fun! I can do this! I want to do some more of those adding things."

A first grader who had just learned how to multiply without counting the dots said, "Give me another one! I want a bigger one this time."

A fourth grader who had begun the year more than a grade level behind in math and had made great progress using the Fun Math Kit said, "We just started equations in math class, and theyr'e so-o-o-o-o easy."

A fifth grader who had just learned how to do long division with the Fun Math Kit asked, "Won't the teacher think I'm cheating if I do it this way? This is too easy."

A sixth grader attempting to describe what using the Fun Math Kit is like commented to another classmate, "It's sort of like math, but it's not really math because it's fun."


Fun Math Manipulative Kit

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